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Name: Mark Davino
Position: Service Manager & Owner
Mark has worked in bike shops in Texas, California and now at Cadence. Mark brings his passion for all things bikes to his work every day, helping anyone who walks in the door whether they are looking to replace their rusty chain or buy their next dream bike. Mark is an accomplished cyclocross racer, finishing second overall in the Elite PA series. 
Name: Brady Gibney
Position: General Manager & Owner
Brady has been with Cadence since the summer of 2007. Starting as a coach, doing bike fits and teaching classes, Brady moved to the Performance Center Manager in 2009 and then became the GM in early 2011. Brady lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Kathleen and their son, Galen and is an active triathlete and duathlete. To see Brady's coaching and racing palmares Click Here.
Name: Dave King
Position: Sales Manager & Owner
Dave moved to Philadelphia with his family from Austrailia in late 2011 and began work at Cadence shortly after. Dave brings a great deal of triathlon expertise to the store and is a high finishing age-grouper in every race he enters. Dave won the competitive 40-45yo age-group in the 2012 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon and is aiming to take on the challenge of Cyclocross.
Name: Jude Vilain
Position: Head Mechanic
Name: Aley Schafer
Position: Retail Associate
Name: John Abbott
Position: Mechanic/ Physiological Testing
Name: Mac King
Position: Retail Associate
Name: Jack Braconnier
Position: Head Coach/ Retail Associate
Name: Matt DiCarlo
Position: Head Coach/ Retail Associate

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