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Bike Fitting & Biomechanical Assessments

At Cadence we are fanatically passionate and detail driven when it comes to bike fitting. And while we believe that we have the finest fit methodology in the industry we still do extensive research to constantly refine our processes and increase our knowledge and understanding. At Cadence we understand that bike fitting, like any scientific endeavor, is an on-going process--a dialectic--whereby the latest results in research and testing will inevitably build upon previous guidelines.

Cadence's research and our close alliances with many of the world’s leading experts in sports physiology and sports medicine give us a deep appreciation for human physiology, ergonomics, and biomechanics. This understanding, coupled with the real-world experience of our coaching staff, makes us uniquely qualified to provide a superior fit and therefore optimized comfort, sustainable power output and efficiency, injury prevention, aerodynamics, improved bike handling, and safety.

Bike Fit Pricing

Essential New Bike Fit - Free of charge with purchase of bike from Cadence

New Bike Fit Performance Upgrade - $75

New Bike Fit Performance - Free of charge with purchase of bike from Cadence over $3000

Retro Performance Bike Fit - $175

Fit Follow Up - $100

Bike Sizing Consultation - Free of charge

Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added or swaped during service.


Triathlon & Time Trial Bike Fits

In the world of triathlon and time trial bikes, much is made of the finer details of frame design, component selection and fit choices. Which frame is right for me? Should I ride a 75 degree seat tube angle or a 78 degree seat tube angle? Zipp or Hed aero bars? S bend or L bend extensions? Bars tilted up or down? Longer cranks or shorter cranks? How upright or aggressive? And this is only the beginning. The truth is, there are rarely any straightforward answers. Most often, it depends on the individual. The factors that must be evaluated on an individual basis are:

The type and length of the event. A road time trialist only has to worry about being as fast as possible on the bike whereas a triathlete must be able to run afterwards. Likewise, an individual pursuit or a prologue time trial may be less than 4 minutes long. On the other extreme, Ironman triathletes may spend 5-8 hours on the bike at a time. The optimal balance between power output, mechanical efficiency, aerodynamics and comfort can vary greatly across this spectrum. Bike handling can also be an issue, especially on the more technical bike courses such as Alcatraz and Ironman Wisconsin. Being further forward may help to open up the hip angle and save the hamstrings for the run but the last thing you want is for your back wheel to slide out from under you at 55 mph because your center of gravity is so far forward!

Body proportionality, body composition, core strength and flexibility. Finding the ideal frame for the individual depends greatly on the proportionality of the athlete’s legs, arms, torso. Likewise, if the athlete is carrying around 20-30 extra pounds of fat, or perhaps even 20-30 extra pounds of muscle mass, they will probably not be able to adopt an extremely aggressive position. The same goes for athletes with poor flexibility, core strength or range of motion. It is important to remember, though, that unlike body proportionality, body composition, core strength and flexibility can change over time, and fit will change with it. When an athlete comes in for a fit at Cadence, the first 45 minutes are spent off the bike. This time is largely used to complete initial assessments of flexibility, core strength, riding background and health history. We look at these things later on to help determine the causes of what we see on the bike.

Muscle structure and riding background. A triathlete with a running background will most likely have strong calf muscles and hip flexors, but weak outer thighs. Swimmers typically have excellent core strength, but they can be tight in the lower back due to a high degree of muscular development. Cyclists often have strong thighs and hamstrings, but poor core strength and tight hip flexors. In all cases, the bike should be fit to the rider to ensure that they can make the most out of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. How much time the athlete trains on the bike is also important. Some triathletes may be on their tri bikes every day, whereas a cyclist that occasionally does a couple time trials, a triathlete competing primarily in ITU events or an individual with limited training time may spend relatively little time training in the aero position. Less time in the position means less adaptation time, decreased power output and efficiency and decreased comfort. Most experienced riders will have certain habits (sometimes good/sometimes bad) while riding that are very evident, whereas these things may not become as apparent at first with newer riders that have yet to “settle in” to a particular style. Either way, the fit follow up is often a crucial part of the fit process. Elite athletes may need to make changes very slowly because their bodies are so well adapted to their current positions and new riders may take time to recognize and communicate the sensations they experience on the bike. Since all of our fit experts are Cycling & Multisport coaches, not just bike fitters, they understand that the bike fit is only one piece of the puzzle and they can help you understand how your training, recovery, race tactics and nutrition are also important elements.

Personal preferences. Some athletes may prefer a certain saddle, a particular set of aero bars or a given TT bar adjustment out of sheer personal preference. Sometimes there are well established, predictable reasons for such preferences, such as “This saddle supports me better” or even, “That’s just the way I always ride”, but sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error. Luckily, at Cadence we stock all of the top brands and our fit experts are very knowledgeable and patient as you figure out what works best for you.

Cadence's meticulous fits take anywhere from 1.5 hours to over 3 hours. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment: 215-508-4300, or toll free at, 1-8PRO-CADENCE. Upon booking your fit session, we will take a 50% refundable deposit. If, however, you fail to appear for your scheduled fit without prior notice, your deposit will not be refunded.

Scheduling a Retro-Fit or Triathlon / Time Trial Fit

 To schedule a fit in one of our Cycling & Multisport Centers, just call us at 215-508-4300. We will set aside a minimum of 2 hours to evaluate your needs and positioning (often times a TT/tri fit will take in excess of 3 hours). Our coaches average more than 300 fits per year: the referals and testimonials attest to the quality, diligence and concern we invest in each fit.


  • "...The fit you did for me was awesome. I did quite a few century + rides on that bike with no pain at all, and I can't tell you how many times I said "Thank You Brady!" to myself while I was out riding it." - Dan J. April 2012


  • "In Nov, my wife was in for a custom fit with you.  It transformed her riding and her relationship with the bike.  She thinks you are a genius." - John K. March 2013


  • "Glad to tell you bike fits like a glove. Totally comfortable. Much more on the road than when I was in the store. ISM saddle is incredibly comfortable. Rode conservatively right at FTP for most of the intervals just to get a feel for the bike, but let it out the last 5M of each interval I let it out a little and added 10% and it felt great. Had more in the tank too. Handling on fast twisty descents is great. After an hour felt totally confident on bike....the fit is spot on. Neck and shoulders felt relaxed and hips were moving free and easy. No soreness in legs/knees afterwards either. Absolutely love the bike. It feels real slippery. Can't wait until I have the aero wheels, a skin suit and aero helmet. It is going to be a fun TT season." - Rich B. March 2012


  • "The crew at Cadence is unbelieveable. They gave me undivided attention for my bike fit early in the 2005 season. They made any earlier back or knee pains disappear and provided me a pain free season with an extremely efficient set up. Cadence keeps you moving forward. Thanks Cadence!" - Rob Lichtenwalner, Bear Naked / Cannondale Pro Mtn. Bike Team

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