Pedaling Analysis

Studies in biomechanics, physiology, and ergonomics have focused on individual athletes’ locomotive tendencies. Through this greater understanding of human physiology—viewing the body as a complex dynamic system and not a simple gear and pulley mechanical machine—scientists have contributed enormously to the coach’s ability to improve athletic performance. 

Armed with a constant supply of recent research our coaching staff can apply the most up-to-date principles to improve your performance. Focusing on the primary interface between the human and the bike, namely, the pedal, our coaching staff can drastically improve your power output and efficiency. With the aid of computerized pedal analysis our coaches focus on specific tendencies each individual athlete has while pedaling. Cadence coaches are trained to see strengths and weaknesses in your pedaling efficiency, and then improve your weakness, correct your deficiencies, and enhance your strengths. The end goal is even and consistent power distribution throughout the pedal stroke and the elimination of “dead spots” which translate to momentary losses of power. Understanding your pedaling habits enables our coaches to structure technique drills for you to perform so that you can more effectively transfer power from your legs, to your pedals, to your rear wheel.



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