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Bike Fit Pricing

Retul Bike Fit - $300

  • Leave no stone unturned with the comprehensive, dynamic fit. We use a motion capture camera to track your movements in real time.
  • Includes a 1 hour follow up 4-6 weeks after your initial fit

BG Retro Performance Bike Fit - $225

  • Our signature service and what made Cadence different when we started 10 years ago. Expect to spend hours fine tuning your machine to fit you... not the other way around. 
  • All Performance fittings include a 60 minute follow up 4-6 weeks after the original fitting

Essential New Bike Fit - Free of charge with purchase of bike from Cadence

  • 20-30 minute service on a stationary trainer setting saddle height and reach.

Essential Retro Bike Fit - $75

  • One hour fit to set up cleat placement, saddle height and reach. 
  • No additional follow ups are included with this service

New Bike Fit Performance Upgrade - $150

  • Upgrade to our signature service for only $150 when you buy a bike from Cadence. This offer is good for 60 days from the purchase date. 

Fit Follow Up - $75

  • Your performance or Retul fit is guaranteed up to 6 months. Adjustments after that time are deemed a fit follow up. 

Bike Sizing Consultation - Free of charge

  • Find the right size bike for you. We'll do the leg work to help and guarantee the right size when you buy the bike from Cadence. 

Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added or swaped during service.


Biomechanical Fit Pricing

Cleat Alignment off the bike - $10

Cleat Alignment on the bike - $35

Pedaling Analysis - $75

Saddle Analysis - $50

Handlebar/Aerobar Analysis - $50

Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added or swaped during service.


Testing Pricing

Anaerobic Threshold & VO2 Max - $150

- This is by far our most popular option. Choose this if you want the most accurate readings for both anaerobic threshold aand VO2 max. This test involves a 30 minute warm up followed by a ramp style test, increasing work load every two minutes until failure. 

Economy Test (Metabolic Efficiency) - $100

- Economy testing is for long endurance athletes (marathon, iron-distance triathlon, RAAM, etc). This test involves a similar protocol to the AT & VO2 Max test above but does not take the athlete to max. Instead we choose 4-5 stages near race pace to determine effeciency and caloric needs for a better race-day strategy.

Lactate Threshold - $150

- Our original lab test. Blood samples are taken from the athletes finger every three minutes until threshold has been crossed. This is a very repeatable test and easy to do on the road or in the lab. 

VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold - $225

- Double up to make certain your numbers are as accurate as possible. 

Field Test - $25 with group of more than 8; $50 for 1 - 7 athletes

- 20 minutes all out on the trainer or out in the "field".

All tests finish with a report and debriefing with one of our coaches.  

Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added or swaped during service.

Please see our Testing Page for detailed explanations of these different protocols. 



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