May 3, 2010

     I just wanted to let you know that I got in a massive 2hr 30min training session on Saturday (including a recon of next Saturday's TT course) on the P3 and it felt great!  Smooth, powerful and even comfortable up until about two hours.  I don't think it's possible for any TT bike to be comfortable much past two hours!  Then I hopped on the road bike to get in a full 4 hours.I didn't have any cash on me last Thursday when you did the fit, so I will send your tip in the mail at the Cadence address to your attention. Can you please let me know Mike's last name so I can include him?  (I think it was Mike?) Thanks again for the excellent fit session.  I may touch base down the road and maybe you can take a look at the road fit too.


April 22, 2010

Hi Brady -

     After a couple of outdoor rides, I just love my new pedal cranks!  The bike is so comfortable and the hip bursitis that I have been battling for a year and a half is already improving.  I love it so much, I have decided that I want to go ahead and get the asymmetrical pedal cranks for my Cannondale so I can use it on the trainer.  I have a Cannondale R700 that I got 5 years ago.  Can you guys order the cranks awhile or do you need to see the bike first?  I can drop it off next weekend if you need to see it.  Thanks so much.

Linda Richey

April 7, 2010

     If you ever thought about getting a professional bike fit, this is the place to go.  I made an appointment with Cadence in Philadelphia for a “platinum” bike fit.  No, it isn’t cheap, but I feel I got what I paid for and I learned a lot.  Here are some screen shots from the Dartfish Analysis.  After the initial video and measurements of my bike, measurements of my legs determined one is shorter than the other.  Spacers and shims were used to align my shoes to the pedals, then my saddle was raised, a shorter reach stem was used and the aero bars repositioned.  The shims and pedal alignment I could feel immediately and what a comfortable difference that makes.  My new position over the aero bars feels much more balanced too.  Brady Gibney spent nearly 4 hours nonstop on ensuring everything was perfect and I highly recommend him should you decide to take your bike fit to the next level.

- John Parks


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