Led by certified fitter and owner, Brady Gibney, Cadence has averaged over 200 performance level fits each year since 2010. We pride ourselves in having great fitters with some of the best technology. Cadence uses the Body Geometry (BG) methodology, developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt and Specialized and technology from Retul. We offer three levels of fit to accommodate everyone from the beginner looking to be comfortable to the seasoned racer looking for every available watt. 

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Includes a 1 hour follow up 4-6 weeks after your initial fit

Leave no stone unturned with this comprehensive, dynamic fit. Starting with a pre-fit physical assessment, your fitter will take into account your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pains, and your goals on the bike. From there, we turn to our Vantage Motion Capture System to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from your pedal stroke. This data is then compiled into our system so that your fitter can look at your numbers and dial you into your perfect ride position.

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BG Certified Fit

$150 with bike purchase

 $225 for Retro option

Time allotted for schedule: 2 hours + FREE 1 hour follow up appointment 

What's included: The entire Body Geometry fitting, including physical assessments and follow up. We leave no stone unturned to maximize your goals, whether that be aerodynamics, power or comfort.

 This fit is only done by our most seasoned fitters with more than 2000 bike fits completed between the four of them. We start from the ground up, working with cleat placement, including wedges and shims, followed by saddle selection and placement and finally cockpit optimization.

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Essential Fit

FREE with bike purchase

 $75 for Retro option

Time allotted for schedule: 1 hour

*Follow up appointments are $35 for a 30 minute scheduled appointment.

What's included: Cleat placement, saddle analysis and placement and cockpit optimization.

*Follow up appointments are not included on essential fits and are $35 for a 30 minute scheduled appointment.

  • Upgrades or additional costs: Any and all new parts that are installed or added will have a charge. No swapping of parts unless approved by an owner.
  • Handlebar selection will be determined with dummy bars. An additional charge of $30 will be added for service to install new bars and wrap tape.
  • Cutting aerobars on TT/Tri fits are $50 extra and can require the bike to be kept overnight
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Biomechanical Fit Menu

*Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added or swapped during service.

Clean alignment off bike
Cleat alignment on bike
Saddle fitting$35
Handlebar/Aerobar Analysis$50
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Lab Testing

At Cadence, full-suite physiological testing services like blood lactate testing and Max VO2 testing are provided 100% in-house by our cadre of world-class cycling and multisport coaches. These services are identical to those provided at Olympic training centers and enable us to provide athletes with precise power and heart-rate zones for optimized training and results.

To schedule a fit or to gain more info call us at 215.508.4300 or email Brady;

Lactate Threshold & VO2 MAX



INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance in athletes. INSCYD creates a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete. This includes: aerobic capacity, glycolytic capacity, anaerobic threshold, energy cost of locomotion, fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & recovery, aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution, and many more performance metrics. 

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Economy Testing (Metabolic Efficiency)


Economy testing is for long endurance athletes (marathon, iron-distance triathlon, RAAM, etc). This test involves a similar protocol to the AT & VO2 Max test above but does not take the athlete to max. Instead we choose 4-5 stages near race pace to determine effeciency and caloric needs for a better race-day strategy.

Lactate Threshold


Our original lab test. Blood samples are taken from the athletes finger every three minutes until threshold has been crossed. This is a very repeatable test and easy to do on the road or in the lab.

Anaerobic Threshold & VO2 MAX 


This is by far our most popular option. Choose this if you want the most accurate readings for both anaerobic threshold and VO2 max. This test involves a 30 minute warm up followed by a ramp style test, increasing work load every two minutes until failure.

Field Test

20 minutes all out on the trainer or out in the "field"

$25 per personGroup of 8+ athletes
$50 per personGroup of 1-7  athletes

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