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Santa Cruz Bikes

Demo Overview

  • To book a reservation for a demo, you can click HERE
  • Our demos are $100 USD for 24 hours per rider (cash or credit card). 
  • Bring your helmet, pedals, and bike shoes. Need pedals? When you reserve ahead of time we can provide a pair for your demo.
  • Show up for your reservation, meet with our staff to have the bike set up, and then ride! Feel free to ask us about the local trails. We ride them all the time!
  • Weather cancellation. We love our local trails and riding community and reserve the right to cancel demo reservations due to inclement weather and/or adverse trail conditions.

What to Expect the Day of the Ride

  • Arrive at your scheduled reservation time. See our location here
  • You’ll need to leave your ID or a credit card with us while you ride.
  • Local trail riding is available at Wissahickon Valley Park or Belmont Plateau. You can access these trails by pedaling right from our shop. A map of the trail head can be found here
  • Demo bikes are not to be used in races or special events.


  • Car: There's a large parking lot here at Cadence, where you can leave your car if needed. Feel free to take the demo bike home with you overnight as well. 
  • Bike: If you ride to the shop, there’s a small common area inside, where we'd be happy to keep your bike for the duration of the demo.

Chameleon R-Kit (Size L)

As the name implies, the Chameleon is a bike that can change to match its environment. Twenty-niner or 27-plus, geared or single-speed, this adaptable hardtail utilizes a suite of swappable dropouts to convert it from aggro trail charger to husky bikepacking mule to anything in between.

Tallboy D & R- Kit 29 (Size M & L)

The Tallboy muddles the line between XC and trail with 110mm of rear wheel travel, paired with a 120mm fork, and fast-rolling 29er wheels. “Trail country” in pedigree, the Tallboy climbs almost as well as an XC bike, but shows its true colors when the trail turns downward. On paper, 110mm of travel might seem like it’ll get overwhelmed on technical trails, but nobody rides on paper. Its short-travel chassis gives it scalpel-like handling with a genuine all-around trail capability.

Hightower R-Kit 29 (Size L)

The Hightower brings versatility and brawn to the game while hitting a sweet spot for aggressive trail riding. It sports 135mm of rear travel, fast-rolling 29er wheels, and a 67-degree head angle. The Hightower gives you the extra bit of confidence to let off the brakes and let 'er rip through the rough stuff. It feels well-balanced in the air and corners like a champ. At the same time, it is has impeccable trail manners and pedals efficiently, so you won’t get that ‘too much bike’ feeling if you end up doing an extra lap or pushing your ride further into the hills.

5010 R-Kit 27.5 (Size M)

A laser sharp, agile trail whip that turns on a dime and loves to pop and play. The 130mm-travel 5010 sports short chainstays and a low BB for a uniquely playful character and an insatiable appetite for negotiating steep, technical climbs. When it’s time to descend, the bike’s 66.2/66.5-degree head tube angle (adjusted via flip chip) and generous reach/short stem combo equate to precise, confident handling.

This short-travel pocket rocket is packaged to be fast and nimble yet tough enough to take a beating. From dirt to rocky tech, 4X to BMX, this bike doesn’t give a XXXX what you do with it.