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Service Guarantee

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 100% up-to-date products and services
  • To under promise and over deliver
  • Best-in-class cycling and multisport products at all price points 
  • Up-to-date knowledge on the latest in cycling and multisport technology
  • Certified technicians

When you come into Cadence, be assured that you are not only receiving the best advice, service, and products for your money, but that you can come back to us at any time with a complaint. If any service or product we provide is not to your liking, let us know. Not only will we make things right, we will learn from the experience and make sure that in the future we correct our mistakes.

Customer Satisfaction

At Cadence, customer satisfaction is not an after-thought. We founded and built Cadence on the principle of not simply satisfying our customers, but of surpassing their expectations. At Cadence, our culture revolves around providing unparalleled customer service. We may sell high-end products and provide world-class coaching, but we take enormous pride in realizing that our business is driven by satisfied customers from all walks of life. As consumers ourselves, we realize products and services alone do not make for satisfied customers; we know that, above all, each person deserves to be treated as a unique, important, and valued friend. This fundamental principle guides us in the way we treat people, the products we carry, the staff we hire, and the relationships we forge in our industry.

When you are a Cadence customer or coached triathlete, cyclist, swimmer or runner, you can rest assured that you will receive unparalleled high-caliber service at our Philadelphia training center and retail bike store. Whether you are a professional, a weekend warrior, an avid enthusiast, or a beginner, we realize that you are unique and deserving of a relaxed and unintimidating environment, and vigilant professional care.

Cadence guarantees your satisfaction. We want your experiences with us to be unique and professional in every way. In addition to this, we want your experiences at Cadence to bring you genuine value and ultimate satisfaction.

Cadence differentiates itself by keeping its promises and providing the highest caliber customer service experience. If for any reason we fail to deliver, or fail to satisfy, you can rest assured that we will go out of our way to make things 100% right.

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