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Tune Up Packages

At Cadence, we know that proper maintenance matters. Whether we are tuning your bike, building a new set of wheels or fixing your flat tire, we sweat the details. We ensure that your ride is meticulously & lovingly serviced with the same kind of care it will receive when you take it home. We even go a little extra further and provide free lifetime scheduled maintenance on any bike you purchase from us. 

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Basic Tune

Cadence's Basic Tune will keep you running flawlessly. Best suited for a pre-race checkup or in preparation for a weekend ride, the Basic Tune covers all of the essential adjustments to the drivetrain and major bearing systems.


  • Truing both wheels laterally and vertically
  • Adjusting both front and rear derailleur and brake systems
  • Wipe down, inspection and lubricating of the drivetrain
  • Wipe down and inspection of the frame, rims and hubs
  • Adjusting all bolts and bearing systems to manufacturer's suggested torque specifications
  • Recommended service interval: Before any race or ride/several times a season

Full Tune

The Full Tune is Cadence's best value for those looking to regain that "new bike" feel. We give your bike the full treatment with new cables and housing, bar tape and a major drivetrain wash. The bike is stripped to the frame and fork with a complete overhaul of the bottom bracket and crankset. Our Full Tune is a perfect preseason refresher or a great way to give your ride that extra pick-me-up.


  • All services included in the Basic Tune
  • Major drivetrain cleaning and lubrication
  • New cables and housing for front & rear derailleur & brake systems (Additional charge for new cables and housing)
  • Major frame cleaning & inspection with bottom bracket and crankset overhaul
  • Replacing chain & cassette if needed
  • Re-taping bars if necessary
  • Recommended service interval: A pre, post, or midseason Full Tune is reccommended 1-2 times per season.


The Overhaul is our ultimate service package. This service will bring any bike back from the dead. The bike is completely disassembled, down to the nuts and bolts, cleaned, then reassembled from scratch. New cables, housing, a major drivetrain cleaning, bottom bracket and crankset overhaul, as well as a complete headset rebuild are all included in the Overhaul. Hubs are disassembled, cleaned and re-greased, with bearings and races inspected for wear. This is the most meticulous & in-depth repair service we offer.


  • Complete headset overhaul
  • Complete overhaul of front & rear hubs
  • Removal, cleaning and re-greasing of all fastening bolts
  • Frame inspection & alignment if necessary
  • Complete frame & component detailing
  • Free installation of any replacement parts
  • New cables and housing for front & rear derailleur & brake systems 
  • (Additional Charge for new cables and housing)

    Recommended service interval: One Overhaul per season is recommended for serious riders or after heavy use in adverse weather conditions. The Overhaul is the best way to bring a neglected or sitting bike back to life.

Service Menu


Basic Tune$75
Full Tune$150
Pro Build$180
Non Cadence Pro Build$280
Parts Transfer$225
Build bike from manufacturer $80-$225
Box bike for shipping$65

Wheels & Hubs

Install tube/tire$10
Install new tubular tire$65
Install used tubular tire$75
Install race wheels$20
True Wheel$15
Install Spoke$25
Wheel Build $60/wheel
Adjust Hub$10
Overhaul Hub$20/hub cartridge bearings;
$30 hub loose bearings
Overhaul Freehub$20


Adjust derailleurMinor adjustment $5;
Major adjustment $15
Install derailleur cable/housing$20
Install derailleur $25
Install shifter$25
Overhaul Campagnolo shifter$60

Crank & Bottom Bracket

Install bottom bracket$25
Install crankset$25
Install crankset & bottom bracket$45
Install chainring$15
Overhaul bottom bracket $25
Overhaul Pedal
Grease Speedplay pedals$20
Install Pedals$5

Frame & Fork

Align derailleur hanger$20
Face headtube or bottom bracket$35
Chase threads on fork or bottom bracket$30
Install fork
Cut steerer tube$20
Overhaul suspension fork$80

Computers & Powermeters

Install Wireless Computer$15
Install wired computer$25
Install Powertap wheel and headunit$40
Install SRM/Quarq & headunit$75

Disc Brakes

Adjust brake$15
Bleed hydraulic brake$40/caliper 
Install hydraulic brake$50/caliper
Install mechanical brake$25
Install disc brake pads$10

Rim Brakes

Adjust brake$15
Install brake cable$10
Install brake caliper$25
Install brake pads$10/caliper


Adjust Headset
Install headset w/cups$40
Overhaul headset$35


Install drop bars$30
Install aerobars w/cable routing$60
Install clip-on aerobars$25
Tape handlebar$15

Chain & Cassette 

Install Chain$15
Install cassette$10


Rush Service$35 subject to availability

**The cost of parts is NOT INCLUDED in any service fee**