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Cadence Racing PHL


Cadence Racing PHL was created to help althletes share in the enjoyment of racing, training, and socializing together.

The club consists of teams of men and women involved in triathlon, multisport, cyclocross and mountain biking. For information on our road team, please visit QCW cycling.

The team is managed by volunteers focused on creating a fun and inclusive group who share a desire to race and bring out the best in each other.

Cadence Racing PHL is registered with USA Cycling, Pennsylvania Cycling Association, USA Triathlon, and Ironman Triathlon.

How to Join

Cadence Racing sound like the right fit for you?

Fill out an application and we'll be in contact shortly.

If you just want to know a little more about the team feel to send us an email at or follow us on Twitter @CadenceRacing, Instagram @CadenceRacingPHL, or Facebook @CadenceRacingPHL.